How to Lose Weight With Six Star Muscle Whey

Nutritional supplements can be used in conjunction with other dietary practices to help a person to lose weight. Six Star Muscle Whey is a supplement used to not only help a dieter lose weight, but also increase a person’s muscle mass by supplying extra protein. Unlike many other protein supplements, Six Star Muscle Whey is low in fat and has numerous essential vitamins and minerals.

Purchase the Six Star Muscle Whey supplement. You can choose one of three flavors: strawberry, vanilla or chocolate. You can check at diet and health food stores or purchase the nutritional supplement online from stores like the Nutrition Edge (see Resources).

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Use the Six Star Muscle Whey supplement as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch. The product comes with a scoop to help you measure the amount that you will need to add to 8 oz. of skim milk. Stir the concentrated powder and milk together or add them to a blender with ice to make a shake.

Add some fresh fruit for variety. In order to lose weight with Six Star Muscle Whey, you should pick up different types of fruit and blend them into your meal replacement drinks. You can also snack on fruit or vegetables between meals.

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Eat a low-fat dinner. While trying to lose weight with Six Star Muscle Whey, you will want to have a low-fat dinner that consists of lean meats, low-fat dairy products, vegetables and whole grains.

Exercise along with taking the Six Star Muscle Whey supplement. If you are looking to build muscle mass, concentrate on weight training. However, if you want to just lose weight, focus more on aerobic exercises, such as running and biking. You should workout three to five times a week for a minimum of 1 hour.


You should always talk to your physician before embarking on any type of weight-loss plan.