Nutritional Value of Gold's Gym Shakes

Gold’s Gym was started by Joe Gold in Venice Beach, California, and has expanded into 30 countries and over 40 states. With the expansion came several amenities to the fitness club such as juice bars and nutritional products. For workout enthusiasts, shakes can provide essential nutrition to maximize results, and the juice bars meet their needs by providing a variety of types and flavors to match their fitness goals.


Shakes provide essential nutrients such as protein that helps build lean body muscle and tissues while promoting optimal health. Post-workout shakes can provide protein to repair muscles to improve recovery, while pre-workout shakes can provide nutrients and energy for exercise. Supplement shakes can be used as meal replacements that contain vitamins and minerals along with a balance of carbohydrates and protein.


Types of shakes offered at Gold’s Gym can be customized to match your fitness goals 1. Bodybuilders and athletes, for example, looking to gain weight and muscle mass can consume a shake with additional protein, weight-gainer supplements or muscle builders. People looking to lose weight, however, can choose the low-carb or fat-burner shakes. Common flavors of Gold’s Gym shakes include french vanilla, strawberry banana, chocolate banana, chocolate and peanut butter.


Protein powder is the most common feature in Gold’s Gym shakes and provides essential amino acids. Protein powders can include soy protein, whey protein or casein. Fruit shakes are made with 100 percent vine-ripened fruit with no added sugar. Fat burners can be added to the Apex Lean shakes that are designed to promote fat loss and appetite control while vitamins and minerals are added to the Apex Fit shakes designed as nutritional supplements. Apex Max shakes contain additional ingredients such as creatine that are supposed to maximize lean muscle.


Calories, protein and carbohydrate content depend primarily on the ingredients. Shakes with the fewest calories will typically contain less than 5 g of fat and carbohydrates with the majority of the calories coming from protein. For example, the cookies and cream protein shake contains 120 calories with 1 g of fat, 2 g of carbohydrates and 24 g of protein. Fruit shakes contain natural sugars and carbohydrates from the fruit and will contain a higher caloric content. The berry slim smoothie, for example, contains 275 calories, 1 g of fat, 20 g of protein and 46 g of carbohydrates.


Not only are Gold’s Gym shakes supposed to provide nutrition to improve your fitness results, but they also are formulated to provide vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy lifestyle 1. Apex Fit shakes, for example, contain a variety of multivitamins, antioxidants, calcium and vitamin C.