How to Keep My Underwear From Getting Stained During My Period

Even when you're prepared for your period, it sometimes strikes without warning, resulting in embarrassing leaks that stain your underwear and pants. Leakage can also happen when you think you're protected with a tampon or pad. These accidents create extra laundry -- you may even shell out cash for new panties. Fortunately, you don't need to waste time and money dealing with menstrual stains. By taking steps to protect yourself, you can prevent leaks and keep your underwear stain-free.

Wear a thicker pad when you think your period will be heaviest. Pads with wings add extra protection.

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Use a tampon instead of a pad. Tampons absorb menstrual blood before it gets near your underwear, reducing the chance of leaks and stains.

Insert your tampon properly. If you don't do this, the tampon isn't able to block menstrual flow 1. When you insert a tampon correctly, you cannot feel it. All tampons come with instructions that show you the right way to insert them.

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Wear a tampon and a pad together if you have a very heavy flow. The pad provides backup in case the tampon fails.

Try a different pad or tampon. Use a product designed to absorb a heavier flow, or switch to another brand. Women's bodies are shaped differently, so a product that works for one woman might not work for you.

Change your tampon or pad regularly, at least every few hours, depending on your flow and the absorbency of the product. Do not wear a pad or tampon all day without replacing it, even if you have a light flow.

Adjust your sleeping position if you notice leaking mostly at night. Leaking is likely to occur when you sleep on your back, so try sleeping on your side instead. If you think you'll leak at night, consider sleeping on a towel or two to protect your bedding.


Avoid wearing expensive or high-quality underwear during your period. Set aside a few older pairs to wear instead.

If your underwear gets stained, wash it as soon as possible before the stain has a chance to dry. It's much easier to remove fresh stains than old ones. If the stain has dried, soak the underwear in cold water or apply a stain-removal product before laundering.