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How to Find a Good Dentist in Your Area

Finding a dentist in your area can be easy. There are many available sources that can help you find the dentist that is most convenient for your needs. This article looks at the many ways to do just that.

Word of mouth is perhaps the top way to find a good dentist in your area. Start asking family, co-workers and friends who they go to, if they like him, how much they charge, whether it is easy to get an appointment and so on. Ask about their personality, if they are kid-friendly and if their office relaxing and comfortable. Most importantly, check to see that they accept your insurance. Finding out about your friends' dentists may be the best way to find one that you like, as word of mouth can be the best advertising for dentists that there is.

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Finding a dentist can be hard if you are new to the area and do not know anyone who can recommend a one. In this case, talk to the local hospitals as well as any health care facilities that employ the use of a dentist. Their dentist should be able to recommend you a great dentist in your area. If you are about to move, you can talk to your current dentist to see if he can recommend a dentist in your new area. This is especially helpful if you are not moving too far away.

The next step in finding a dentist is to check the local dental schools. Most dental schools not only provide services, they may also provide them at a less expensive rate. They may even offer cleanings and check-ups free of charge. This is one of those times the local phone books comes in handy, so grab yours and find the school nearest you.

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Go to the phone book and the Internet. Your local pages will probably have dozens of listings for local dentists in your area. It will just be a matter of choosing one. The same goes for the Internet and there are many websites that you can type in your zip code to get a list of dentists in your area within a certain mileage. Your insurance company may have a website set up to do the same thing, as well. This way, you will get a personalized list of all the dentists in your area that also take your insurance.

When you find a dentist, be sure to ask the proper questions. It is important to know there location, hours of operation, emergency numbers, and so on.


If you are uneasy about a dentist you have met, go with your instincts and find another. You should be relaxed and comfortable around your dentist.