How to Bulk up on Winstrol

Winstrol, or stanozolol, is a synthetic anabolic steroid that acts like testosterone, a naturally occurring hormone related to muscle mass, among other things. Anabolic steroids can be used as a treatment for anemia, some types of breast cancer and hereditary angioedema. The use of these steroids for muscle-building has garnered attention in the world of sports 2. Anabolic steroids are not for everyone, and their use can result in serious side effects. If you have a medical reason, or just a cosmetic one, to want to bulk up your body, Winstrol may help if used correctly and in combination with the proper diet.

Start a strength-training regiment. This can include home workouts and/or a structured routine with a personal trainer. Taking the drug alone is not enough to bulk up--to build muscle effectively, you will need strength training. It will work best if you get a routine going before using the drug.

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Alternate strength training with cardiovascular workouts. This will increase your endurance and burn fat. For example, designate Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as strength training days, and do cardiovascular exercises on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Make sure to allow one day with no exercise.

Talk to a nutritionist or doctor and develop a menu plan that includes lean protein, healthy fats and fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, which requires a diet high in protein and healthy calories.

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Visit your doctor, discuss the desire to bulk up and request a prescription for Winstrol. Some companies advertise Winstrol online where it is available without a prescription. These products are not the same strength as the prescription drug, and may not even be a real anabolic steroid. Winstrol is a prescription drug--there are not shortcuts. See a doctor and get the product from him.

Follow the instruction for taking the drug. Read the label carefully while still at the pharmacy. Ask the pharmacist questions if you do not understand the drug's side effects or dosage.


Dosing is strictly at the discretion of your physician. suggests the initial dose will be between 2 to 4 mg, three or four times a day. If you miss a dose, do not take two doses--skip that dose and take the drug at the scheduled time.


Alert your doctor to any other medications you may be taking. According to, drugs known to interact with anabolic steroids include Acenocoumarol, Anisindione, Bupropion, Dicumarol, Phenindione, Phenprocoumon and Warfarin.

Make the doctor aware of any medical conditions you may have as some conditions will effect your ability to take this drug. Tell your doctor is you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, diabetes, prostate cancer or enlarge prostate, heart disease, kidney disease or liver disease, or if you have a history of too much calcium in the blood.

Watch for potential side effects. Things to be aware of include jaundice--yellow eyes and skin--dark urine, sore throat, red spots on the body, nausea, bone pain or swelling of extremities. Refer to the pamphlet that came with the prescription drug and review the full list of problematic conditions and side effects.