How Fast Does Metamucil Work?


Metamucil is a health product that helps regulate the body's digestive system. It's especially used for the relief of digestive problems such as constipation. Metamucil achieves its digestive effects through its active ingredient, psyllium husk. Psyllium husk is a cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber that helps the body intake the recommended 7 g of soluble fiber per day. The fiber in Metamucil is also a natural laxative that can gently help relieve digestive problems such as constipation.

Digestive Relief

If you're taking Metamucil for digestive relief from constipation or other digestive irregularities, itl should start working within 12 to 48 hours. However, the product can take up to 3 days to relieve the problem. If you're still unable to have a bowel movement after 3 days, contact your doctor as soon as possible. This may be a sign of a more serious problem.


If you're taking Metamucil for its health benefits with regard to lowering cholesterol, you should see results of the product working within a month. Combining Metamucil with a diet low in fat and cholesterol will shorten the time before seeing results and increase the positive results you see in your cholesterol levels.