How to Grind Chia Seeds

Grind chia seeds to incorporate them more easily with your food. Chia seeds contain essential fatty acids (EFAs)—a perfect vegetarian source of Omega-3s. You may already have some of the tools necessary to grind your chia seeds in your kitchen.

Select raw chia seeds for easy grinding. Cooked chia seeds form a gel; grinding them will result in a sticky paste.

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Try one of the four following methods:

Place the raw chia seeds in a coffee grinder 1/2 cup at a time to avoid overburdening the grinder. Pulse the grinder until you have ground the chia seeds to the consistency you prefer.

Alternately, pour about 1/2 cup of chia seeds into a mortar. Angle the pestle with the larger end dipped into the chia seeds. Slowly twist the pestle, grinding the chia seeds to the consistency you need for consumption. Expect this process to take more than five minutes to get a medium grind.

Pour as many chia seeds you need ground into your food processor. Most food processors can handle up to 8 cups of product or more. Pulse the chia seeds until you have ground them to your liking.

Use an everyday blender to grind your chia seeds. If your blender has a grind function, grind your seeds on this setting. If your blender only has speed settings, start with a low grind and work your way up to a higher grind speed if needed.

Add a tablespoon of chia seeds to a morning smoothie along with1/2 cup of Greek yogurt, six blackberries and a tablespoon of honey. Include about 1/2 cup of ground chia seeds to your normal meat loaf recipe. Cereal also benefits from chia's fiber when you sprinkle about 1 tbsp. of the seeds on top. Include 1 tbsp. ground chia seeds in your meatball recipe, and you'll never know you've added beneficial essential fatty acids to your meal.


Order raw chia seeds to ensure the essential fatty acids are still intact.