How to Add Raw Egg to Soup

Raw eggs are a common ingredient in many Asian style soups, both to enhance taste and provide an interesting texture. When instructions call for adding both the yolk and the egg white, you can reduce fat and cholesterol and increase the nutritional value of your soup by separating the egg and adding only the whites. Whichever you choose, adding raw eggs to soup is most often the final step in preparing your soup and an easy step to complete.

Heat the soup base to a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a food thermometer to ensure your soup is hot enough to kill salmonella bacteria before adding raw eggs.

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Crack two or more eggs in a small bowl and beat the eggs with a fork just enough to break the yolks and lightly combine the yolks and whites.

Hold a stir spoon in one hand the bowl containing the raw eggs in the other. Slowly stir the soup in a clockwise direction while adding the eggs at the same time, in the same clockwise direction. Continue slowly stirring the soup for about 1 minute in the same clockwise direction, until the eggs take on the appearance of shreds or ribbons.


If you plan to add whole raw eggs, purchase heat-treated, pasteurized eggs rather than using eggs you already have at home. Pasteurization kills bacteria present in the eggs and makes them safer to add in their raw state.