How to Fry Without Oil

If you are on a low fat diet, want a low calorie meal or want to simply eat healthy, then you will want to fry without oil.

There are various ways to fry without oil. Read the steps below to determine the method that will work best for you.

Use cooking spray instead of oil. Cooking spray is usually very low calorie and you only need a very little of it to keep food from sticking to the frying pan.

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Get a good non-stick pan to fry with. You can fry without oil or fry with almost no oil if you have a really good frying pan and you are using a high flame. A really good frying pan that does not have scratches is a good investment if you want to save on calories from oil.

Get a new frying pan. Even if you don't want to buy a really good frying pan, just getting a discount or low cost frying pan can do the trick. When frying pans are new, they tend to have less scratches, which means you will need less oil to fry with. Look up frying pans on the internet - you might be surprised how inexpensive some of them are.

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Use a few drops of liquid instead of oil - You can add just a few drops of liquid instead of oil before frying so the food doesn't stick. You can use plain water or you can liven it up a bit like using soup broth for meat or vegetables and using fruit juice for sweet foods being fried.

Bake instead of fry - Just because a recipe says to fry, doesn't mean you can't bake instead. Try putting a little bit of the food in the oven and see how it turns out. Put wax or parchment paper underneath with a few drops of water so it doesn't stick. Also spray a few drops of water on top of the food so it doesn't dry out. Depending on the food, you might want to cover to retain moisture.

Get a sandwich maker - A sandwich maker is good for lots of other things other than just sandwiches. You can "fry" without oil many foods in the sandwich maker including pancakes, eggs, hot dogs, thin hamburgers, etc. This works well for food items that are not too thick and don't take too long to cook. You can line the sandwich maker with wax paper for easy clean up. There are many designs of sandwich makers. Search for them online and you will see there are many styles to choose from. The few dollars invested in a sandwich makers is a very good investment because they allow you to fry without oil.


Test out each food individually as each is different