How to Exercise Without Laziness

By Linda Kaban

Succumbing to laziness has stopped more than one person from continuing an exercise program. But vegging on the couch dreaming about being superbly fit won't get you very far. You have to match your actions to your intentions, set goals and challenge yourself to committing to exercise in some form every day. You'll find after awhile, that laziness will be the last thing on your mind as you become stronger, more agile and building the physique of your dreams.

Step 1

Write down your exercise goals. Laziness can easily over-ride the desire to exercise when the task seems over-whelming but having a clear goal like losing 50 pounds in two years or running a half-marathon in six months can give you the motivation to overcome your laziness.

Step 2

Choose exercises you like to do. Laziness feeds on boredom, so do what you can to shake things up. If you find an exercise that makes you feel excited, then laziness will be a habit that's easy to break. And don't just stop there. Add a number of new and different exercises that you can enjoy on alternate days.

Step 3

Find a workout buddy. You can ask a friend who's plagued by the same feelings of laziness as you with the idea of spurring each other on; or a friend who's already deeply committed to exercising who will inspire you with her energy. Exercising with someone will make you less likely to cancel your workout plans.

Step 4

Exercise when you're feeling most energetic. If you are the type to bound out of bed in the morning, raring to go; then you won't mind getting up a little earlier to exercise for 30 minutes. If your biggest burst of energy comes after work or after dinner then use that time to your advantage and avoid the feelings of guilt that laziness engenders.

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