How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose in Five Weeks of Using Hip Hop Abs?

Hip Hop Abs is an exercise program developed by Shaun T. and distributed by Beachbody. The program provides a cardiovascular workout using dance moves and focusing on building strong abs. Along with five DVDs, the program includes a nutrition guide, 30-day workout calendar, online support and several additional bonuses. But like all exercise programs, your success will depend much on how well you follow the plan.

Calories and Weight Loss

The Hip Hop Abs program offers a nutrition program designed to help you eat healthfully and lose weight. Eating right is an important part of losing weight because weight is affected by the number of calories you consume as well as burn. To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer and/or burning more calories. A pound of fat is the equivalent of 3,500 calories, so to lose 1 lb. you need to reduce your caloric intake or burn that many calories 3.

Hip Hop Abs Calorie Burn

The Hip Hop abs program doesn't give specifics on how many calories are burned with each exercise DVD. The program involves a variety of cardiovascular exercise moves that increase heart rate the same way traditional aerobic classes do. According to Harvard Medical School's health publication, "Harvard Heart Letter," a 155 lb. person can burn 205 calories performing low impact aerobics and 260 calories doing high-impact aerobics for 30 minutes. Using the 30-minute Fat Burning Cardio five days a week, you would theoretically burn 1,025 to 1,300 calories per week depending on the intensity you put into the workout. At that rate, in five weeks you'd lose 1 1/2 to 2 lbs. through exercise alone.

Hip Hop Abs Nutrition

The key to losing weight with diet is to eat enough to support your body's health, but not so much that you gain weight. In theory, if you cut 500 calories a day, you'd lose 1 lb. a week and 5 lbs. in five weeks. However, you don't want to cut your calories below 1,600 if you're a woman and 2,000 if you are a man, especially if you are exercising. If you are woman eating 2,000 calories a day, the most you want to cut is 400 calories, which would result in losing 4 lbs. in five weeks.

Diet and Exercise

Exercise and diet alone can help you lose weight, but combined they can speed up the process. Using the examples given, if you exercise five days a week and reduce your calorie intake, you'll create a calorie deficit of 4,100 calories per week -- 1,300 from high intensity exercise five days a week and 2,800 from cutting 400 calories a day. Over five weeks, you'll lose nearly 6 lbs. However, your results can vary depending your lifestyle. An active lifestyle burns more calories, resulting in greater weight loss. Fluctuations in body composition such as water retention or muscle building can also impact weight. Using body measurements as well as weight can help ensure your body is responding and you are getting results.