Does Instant Cappuccino Have Caffeine?

Instant cappuccino is made by mixing instant coffee, adding cocoa powder and sugar, and topping it with frothy, steamed milk 36. Instant -- or soluble -- coffee is made by drying roasted and ground coffee beans 6. Like other coffee varieties, it contains caffeine, a natural plant compound that can stimulate and energize you 4. The caffeine content depends on the amount and the type of instant coffee you use 246. Caffeine content in instant coffee and cappuccino mixes can vary according to the origin and blend of the coffee beans 234.

Caffeine Content in Coffee

Instant coffee contains less caffeine than regular filtered coffee 46. A 125-milliliter cup of instant coffee gives you 35 to 105 milligrams of caffeine 46. In comparison, the same amount of filtered coffee contains 85 to 135 milligrams of caffeine 4. Similarly, a regular cappuccino from a fast-food chain contains 75 milligrams to 140 milligrams of caffeine 4. Decaffeinated instant coffee still contains a minimal amount of caffeine, approximately 0.1 or 0.3 percent 46. Cappuccinos may be flavored with flaked chocolate or powdered cocoa, which also contain a small amount of caffeine 4.