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How to Cure an Oral Thrush Yeast Infection Naturally

By Esperance Barretto

The candida fungus that causes a yeast infection in other parts of your body can also affect your mouth in the form of oral thrush. If you take antibiotics and other medications, are pregnant, have uncontrolled diabetes or suffer from a dry mouth, you can experience oral thrush, which manifests as white sores on your tongue or the gums of your inner cheeks. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine's MedLine, you can cure mild symptoms of oral thrush by preventing the spread of the fungus through the practice of natural treatments and good oral hygiene.

Oral Rinses And Applications

Wash your mouth with a saline rinse every day, to cure your thrush by encouraging healthy bacteria to thrive. Prepare the rinse by combining 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 1 cup of water. Swish the saline rinse in your mouth a couple of times and spit it out. You can also dab a small amount of pure, virgin coconut oil or yogurt on a cotton swab and apply it topically on the white sores in your mouth.

Consume Yogurt

Eating yogurt is especially effective if you have developed oral thrush as a result of taking antibiotics or other medications. Eat unsweetened yogurt containing lactobacillus acidophilus or take over-the-counter acidophilus capsules or liquid supplements. Consume yogurt as long as you are taking the antibiotics and until your thrush clears away. While acidophilus doesn’t destroy the candida fungus, it restores the balance of beneficial bacteria in your body, helping you to overcome oral thrush naturally.

Limit Sugar and Yeast

Control the quantity of sugar in your diet. If possible, eliminate sugar-based foods from your diet or restrict your consumption. Moreover, if you are diabetic, maintaining proper blood sugar levels will help to clear oral thrush. You should also avoid eating foods that contain yeast such as bread, pastries, beer and wine, until your condition improves. Both sugar and yeast-based foods encourage the growth of the candida fungus that causes thrush.

Dental Hygiene

Maintain good dental hygiene by keeping your mouth clean and preventing the proliferation of the candida fungus. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth after meals, at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Floss daily and change your toothbrush every two weeks until your thrush clears up. Additionally, avoid using a mouthwash or mouth spray, as these products can alter the balance of beneficial bacteria in your mouth.

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