What Does Cell Activator Do?

Cell Activator, mainly a nutritional supplement, is a product manufactured by Herbalife and sold through independent distributors in the United States and other countries where the product is allowed. Herbalife Science, the research arm of the Herbalife Company makes quite of few claims regarding the capabilities of the Cell Activator product. It is important to note, however, the claims made regarding the product are not independently verified nor has the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluated the product. For these reasons, consumers should approach the product with caution. Regardless, consumers should always seek advice from a licensed medical doctor before taking any nutritional products.

The Purpose of Cell Activator

Dr. David Heber, MD, chairman of Herbalife Nutrition and Scientific Advisory Boards, reports that the overall purpose of Cell Activator is “Cellular-preserving cellular function.” This is interpreted by independent distributors and the marketing arms of Herbalife to mean the product enhances cellular nutrition. The objective behind Cell Activator is to help cells in the body absorb nutrients efficiently, thereby increasing available energy to the body. Herbalife claims that if you stick to a balanced diet and follow Herablife’s Lifestyle Guidelines, the use of Cell Activator will help you feel more energetic with an increase in energy at the cellular level.

Cell Activator and Weight Loss

Cell Activator is often marketed to either help with losing weight or to maintain a healthy weight. The logic Herbalife uses to support the product as a weight-loss supplement starts with linking inactivity to weight gain. The premise is that as an individual cuts calories, energy levels drop. A drop in energy levels equates to periods of inactivity and boredom. Individuals experiencing long periods of inactivity usually resort to eating which equates to high calories intake. Cell Activator is marketed as helping to prevent this cycle by increasing energy levels to compensate for loss of calories.

The Key Ingredient

The main ingredient in Cell Activator is a branded antioxidant called Pycnogenol. This antioxidant, manufactured by Horphag Research, Ltd, is essentially French maritime pine bark, touted as a natural botanical antioxidant. Dr. David Heber reports that Pycnogenol does a number of thing at the cellular level to include helping cells optimize the use of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins. This process is attributed to increases in nutrition quality and higher energy levels. Once again, however, the claims behind Pycnogenol are not independently verified, nor has the FDA evaluated the claims.

Not a Stand Alone Product

Herbalife does not market Cell Activator as a standalone product. Instead, Dr. David Heber reveals the product is designed to work with Herbalife Formula One Nutrition shakes and Herbalife Formula Two Complex Multivitamins. Keep in mind, however, the Cell Activator product already contains both magnesium and potassium. Taking too much of any vitamin or mineral is not healthy and therefore, before planning such a regimen you should seek medical advice from an independent medical doctor.