Causes of Pubic Hair Loss

The unexplained loss of pubic hair can be confusing and scary for someone who doesn't know the causes, whether direct or underlying, of the hair loss 1. Knowing some of the causes can assist you in seeking treatment if needed and getting a strong diagnosis from a medical professional.

Normal Hair Loss

Sometimes the reasons behind pubic hair loss are the same reasons as normal hair loss 1. Many men and women who experience baldness may also lose pubic and bodily hair as a result of genetic and hormonal conditions 1.


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Menopause brings on a variety of changes in a woman's body. Hair loss in the pubic region is one of those changes 1. In addition to losing pubic hair, women experiencing menopause may also lose hair in their armpits and on their legs 1.


Part of aging is losing body hair and gaining wrinkles 1. It's a trick of nature and perfectly normal. If you're a senior citizen and are experiencing pubic hair loss but no other noticeable symptoms, it's probably okay, but as always, checking with a medical professional is the best idea 1.


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Alopecia is a common term used to describe a series of hair loss conditions ranging from patchy to total loss of hair 1. Many people in the world suffer from alopecia and there are a variety of treatment methods available for this condition.

Adrenal Gland

Sometimes an underactive adrenal gland is responsible for hair loss on the body and pubic areas 1. The adrenal gland is supposed to release the proper amount of hormones for sexual and physical maturity, causing hair growth and reproductive ability 1. When an adrenal gland is stunted, loss of hair is a result, if the hair even grows at all 1.

Addison's Disease

This is a rare disease that affects about one out of a million people in the world. It effects both men and women, and is a progressive disease that tricks the adrenal gland into halting the production of needed hormones.


Certain cancers, such as leukemia, can be responsible for pubic hair loss and cirrhosis of the liver can also cause patches of pubic hair to fall out 1. Cancer treatment and medications like chemotherapy also cause hair loss on the body and pubic areas 1.