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Can Supplements Stimulate Collagen Growth?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, making up about one quarter of all of your protein based tissues 1. According to the Protein Data Bank website, collagen forms the matrix for your bones, strengthens your tendons and gives resilience and support to the skin and internal organs 1. When collagen is depleted or not being formed properly, you start to see skin sagging and wrinkles, spongy gums and loose teeth as in scurvy, and even dry, brittle bones.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C deficiency shows up as spongy gums with loose teeth and easy bruising.

Green Tea Catechins

What Are the Causes of Collagen Degradation?

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Catechins are the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory components of green tea. They have also been found to stimulate healthy maturing of collagen fibers and proper collagen fiber orientation in wound healing. A study in the "American Journal of Pathology" showed that green tea catechins can help your body to build collagen more effectively.

Amino Acids Lysine and Proline

Collagen is made out of hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline, which are in turn made out of the amino acids lysine and proline. ').