How to Get Rid of Loose Skin on Arms

As aging progresses, skin sags as collagen production slows, leaving your skin less elastic than in younger years. **Another cause of sagging, especially under your arms, is excess weight gain or rapid weight loss 8. Surgery is an option; however loose, saggy skin can be treated through the help of your dermatologist and things that you already have at home. Always consult your physician before starting any at-home treatment for loose skin.

Drink eight to ten glasses of water per day to keep your skin properly hydrated and plumped. Dehydration leads to sagging of the skin as well as increased risk of injury 78. Taking in plenty of water combats these problems while providing a cleansing of environmental toxins.

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Speak with your dermatologist regarding laser skin rejuvenation. Laser treatments heat up the underlying skin, forcing collagen production to increase and and tighten the skin's supporting fibers, according to Good Housekeeping. Several sessions are required before results are noticeable; however, once they are obtained, the results are long-lasting.

Exercise regularly to build up your tricep muscles, located underneath your upper arms. MedlinePlus suggest performing exercises such as push-ups or weight lifting to firm these muscles and eliminate underlying fat deposits.

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Eat a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low fat dairy. A proper diet helps combat sagging skin by providing antioxidants and helping you keep your weight in check, according to 78.

Apply an over-the-counter cream containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids, vitamin C or retinoids, suggests Good Housekeeping. These creams are applied at night, and absorb into your skin as you sleep. Skin firming and toning occurs with continued use, helping your arms to look firmer.