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What Are Natural Appetite Suppressants?

By Loralei Matisse ; Updated July 18, 2017

People typically lose weight by reducing calories, drinking more water and exercising, but some dieters turn to appetite suppressants for a little extra help. Although most appetite suppressants are by prescription only, there are some natural ways that you can help reduce cravings without taxing your body.


Teas can act as natural suppressants as well as diuretics. Uva ursi tea is one popular drink that dieters enjoy, but you also can add dandelion and licorice in your tea to cut your cravings.

Eating foods like vegetables and fruits with high fiber content will make you feel fuller and provide healthy nutrition. Apples, steamed broccoli, celery and carrot sticks will give you plenty of vitamins and minerals while also make you less hungry.

The Weight Control Infocenter (see Resources) is a holistic website that suggests individual herbs as well as herbal formulas to help fight hunger. Individual herbs such as aloe vera and chickweed help support the digestive tract and assist in weight loss, while many formulas offer a combination of herbs that will help you feel full.


Appetite suppressants can make you feel full and refrain from snacking or eating out of boredom, for example. By eating less, you body will use its stores of fat to maintain your energy level, thus providing weight loss.


The Mayo Clinic provides a list of side effects of prescription appetite suppressants, including stress on the heart and body, dry mouth, agitation and high blood pressure. Natural appetites have no side effects, and in fact promote healthy weight loss and an increase in vitamins and minerals.

Expert Insight

Natural appetite suppressants work well when used in conjunction with other weight-loss methods, such as moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day. Also, personal trainers and nutritionists warn not to overdo it: average weight loss should be about 2 pounds per week.


Appetite suppressants are not a quick cure for weight loss. They curb food cravings, but they do not cause weight loss overnight. Take your dieting slowly and do not turn to prescription alternatives simply out of frustration.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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