Sea Salt Cleanse & Parasites

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The first step when doing a sea salt cleanse involves identifying the differences between sea salt and table salt. Sea salt is unrefined, unprocessed and contains essential minerals. Factories manufacture table salt using large metal containers and a refining process that strips the natural nutrients as well as the natural color. Only sea salt kills parasites.


It is possible for parasites to live and thrive inside the human body without revealing their presence. They thrive on waste and toxins in the intestines and eventually wreak havoc. The writers from “Best Colon Cleansers,” indicate that parasites are within the top ten of the world’s leading diseases. Keeping parasites in the colon is harmful and considered as a form of disease. Substances build up within the colon and provide warm and bountiful homes for unwanted parasites.


It is important to cleanse the intestines and purge unwanted waste from the body. Think of cleansing the colon as giving it that much needed internal shower. There is no logical reason to ignore and keep waste. According to the authors at “High Vibe,” adults hold between 5 to 10 pounds of unnecessary waste in their intestines and colon when they do not cleanse. Colon cleansing eliminates waste, toxins and even the parasites that feed on them.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is not white, refined or dry. Table salt is white, mechanically processed, refined, stripped of essential elements such as magnesium and unhealthy if consumed in large amounts. According to research conducted from “All Natural Info,” table salt contains 98 percent sodium chloride. On the other hand, sea salt contains only 82 percent of sodium chloride but also magnesium and at least 80 additional minerals. Sea salt that is unrefined and unprocessed is gray in color and naturally damp.


Test your salt. The best way to determine if any salt will dissolve in your system is to place a teaspoon in some water, stir and then observe. If the salt remains in the bottom overnight, then it will not dissolve in your body. According to “All Natural Info,” processed salt does not dissolve in water. The processed substitute for salt has few heath benefits. In order to perform a cleanse for parasites, use unprocessed, gray sea salt.


The easiest method to eliminate unwanted parasites from the colon and to purify the colon is to use a pure sea salt cleanse. First prepare the body and the colon by taking a natural laxative two days prior to beginning the sea salt parasite cleanse. From the experts at “Colon-Cleanse Information,” add 2 teaspoons of sea salt to one quart of hot or warm pure drinking water. Drink this mixture the first thing in the morning. Within a few hours, the sea salt cleanse for parasites will begin.


There are health risks associated with the sea salt flush, so be sure to follow the directions exactly and avoid this treatment if you have weak kidneys, high blood pressure, a heart-related problem, edema, diabetes or stomach/intestinal disease. For children under the age of 12, consult your doctor before administrating this treatment.