Parasite Cleanse for Children

Parasite invasion usually occurs from the consumption of contaminated food or liquid. Bites from pests such as tics and mosquitoes is another common origin. Infection is common in young children, who tend to interact with parasite-infested environments such as gardens and playgrounds.

A parasite cleanse is the use of potent all-natural ingredients, which are ingested into the body with the purpose of removing unwelcome parasites from the intestines and colon. Naturopathic medicine promotes a holistic approach to health with minimal use of surgeries and drugs. Please make sure to consult your physician before attempting naturopathic remedies at home.

What are Parasites?

A parasite is an organism that thrives on the living tissue of a host organism, typically causing harm to the host without immediately killing it. There are four major groups of parasites: protozoa; nematodes; cestodes, or tapeworms; and trematodes. Contracted through human and animal feces, protozoa is the most common parasite related to human infection. Nematodes include the intestinal parasite -- the roundworm, which children are particularly susceptible to, as they are transmitted directly from soil. Tapeworms can be contracted from beef, pork and fish, with pork tapeworms being the more dangerous of the three. Children can suffer trematode infection from water contact, such as swimming and bathing. Symptoms include urinary and liver problems.


Parasites invade and irritate body tissue, suppress immune system function and cause organ obstructions. Some parasites absorb nutrients from food while others deplete minerals from bones and organs, resulting in vitamin deficiencies. Malaria, river blindness and sleeping sickness can all be attributed to parasite invasion within the body. River blindness, found in Africa and the Middle East, leaves its host visually impaired and may also result in deterioration of skin pigmentation. Initial symptoms of sleeping sickness include cardiac and kidney disorders; if untreated, the condition can develop into extreme conditions of fatigue, insomnia and even death.


Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, constipation and diarrhea are among the more unpleasant symptoms associated with parasite invasion. Joint and muscle aches, nervousness, chronic fatigue and abdominal pain have also been attributed to the infection. Look for rashes and allergies in children, who are not as acute in determining symptoms of sickness.


A combination of anti-parasitic herbs can remove any parasite infection in children. Several all-natural cleansers are available that will remove in excess of 100 parasites from your system. Drugs also are available, but they will only kill a handful of parasites at a time and have unpleasant side effects. Black walnut, clover seed and wormwood are among the most common herbs used in cleansing supplements. An array of natural cleansing products are available at online pharmacies. Seek diagnosis from your doctor before considering a cleanse. Some symptoms of parasite infection may be applicable to other medical conditions.


Follow basic hygiene, such as cleaning your hands before and after eating and going to the bathroom. Washing everything in food-grade hydrogen peroxide will avoid contamination. Thoroughly cook meat and fish and avoid leaving food out over night, as this will reduce the incubation period for parasites.