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How to Put a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor On

A heart rate monitor can act as a coach when you're exercising. It helps you know exactly what your heart rate is, so you can keep it within a healthy range for exercise. Some heart monitors even let you know when it's time to amp up your workout intensity. Garmin heart rate monitors come in two pieces: one that attaches to your chest and another that is fastened to your wrist, much like a watch.

Remove your shirt. The heart rate monitor must be applied directly to the skin. For men, the best place to put the monitor is a few inches below the pectorals. For women, the heart rate monitor should be placed directly below the breasts for the best readings.

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Insert one tab of the heart rate monitor strap into the monitor unit, which is a narrow, black band.

Moisten the sensors on the back of the monitor where it will connect with your skin. You can do this with a wet washcloth or by sprinkling a few drops of water on the surface. The water allows better contact between your skin and the monitor, Garmin says.

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Place the monitor in the proper position with the Garmin logo right-side up and pull the strap around your body and to the unclipped end of the unit. Snap the tab in.

Test the tightness of the heart rate monitor by attempting to slip your finger between the strap and your body. It shouldn't allow your finger to pass through. The strap should be loose enough to allow you to breathe properly but tight enough to stay in place when you run and move around.

Put the wrist unit on as you would a watch and turn it on. You'll use the wrist unit to check your heart rate monitor readout while exercising.