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How to Tighten Muscles After Childbirth

By Heather Topham Wood ; Updated June 13, 2017

After you have given birth, you may want to lose the loose skin and tone your tummy muscles. If you had a flat stomach before you became pregnant, it may not automatically return after childbirth. You can work towards getting rid of the extra skin with or without medical intervention. Keep in mind that it took you several months to put on the weight for pregnancy, so you’ll need time to have your body return to its normal shape.

  1. Speak to your doctor before dieting and exercising to get rid of loose skin and muscle. Your doctor may recommend waiting six to eight weeks after you delivered to allow your body to recover.

  2. Eat a belly fat busting diet. There are certain foods you can eat, which can help get rid of excess fat in the abdominal area. According to the Flat Belly Diet, you should add food to your diet that is high in monounsaturated fatty acids. Some examples of these types of foods are nuts, avocado, olive oil and fish. Monitor your caloric intake as well and avoid fast food, fried foods and sweets.

  3. Work the ab muscles. Performing abdomen exercises can tighten the muscles and get rid of loose skin in the area. Crunches can work the upper abs and are done by lying flat on your back with your knees bent. Lift your shoulders off the floor while contracting your abs. Reverse crunches involve you lying flat on your back with your legs in the air. Lift your hips off the ground while pushing your back into the floor. This exercise works the lower abs. Perform three sets of 20 to 30 reps of each exercise.

  4. Make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. If you cannot get rid of the loose skin and muscle after giving birth, you may want to consider medical intervention. Laser treatments involve applying heat to the bands beneath the skin’s surface to tighten them. A tummy tuck involves having excess fat and skin surgically removed.

  5. Tip

    You can prevent loose skin and muscles after childbirth by monitoring your weight gain during pregnancy. On average, a woman will gain between 25 and 35 pounds while she is pregnant.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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