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How to Get Rid of Fat in Your Legs

Carrying around extra weight in your thighs can make it almost impossible to wear skinny jeans. When your body burns more calories than it consumes, it will burn fat for energy. Burning this fat will help to shrink fat cells all over the body, including the legs. Trimming the thighs is all about working the lower body with exercise. A combination of aerobic and strength training will help to shape and reduce the size of your thighs.

Move with intensity. Interval training uses both the aerobic and the anaerobic energy systems to burn more calories than traditional cardio. Interval training can be done through various activities such as running, biking and even stair-climbing. This type of training involves short bursts of intensity, followed by a recovery period for rest. Focus on interval training that will place a greater demand on the legs, such as running. After warming up at an easy pace for five to 10 minutes, interval train for 30 minutes, working hard for one minute and recovering for two minutes. Cool down with five to 10 minutes easy.

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Go for duration. Alternate your interval workout days with longer, slower workout days. Exercising at a slightly lower intensity for 45 minutes to an hour can help burn fat because the body will use fat for energy. Jogging, cross-country skiing or biking for an extended period of time will not only burn fat, but also help to shape the lower body because they all work against resistance to build strength while melting excess fat.

Build strength. Building muscle in the body will help burn more calories and shed fat. Strength training can be done using your own body weight, especially for legs. Lunges and squats will help shape the muscles in the lower body. Try doing 20 walking lunges, 20 squats and 10 step-ups on each leg. This circuit will help to build muscle and burn calories.

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Take it to your mat. Yoga is a great way to trim fat off the legs because it incorporates balance and strength and can increase your heart rate. There are many yoga poses that focus on building strength in the lower body, such as like warrior A and warrior B. These poses are used in classes to sculpt the lower body.