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How to Make a Golfball Cake

By Kathleen Gasior

Whether the golfer in your life is your husband, mom or brother, a golf ball cake can be a whimsical and unexpected treat. This super-realistic cake is perfect for Father's Day, birthdays or just to celebrate a winning round. With the help of a special sport-themed cake pan and a few tricks, this confection is also surprisingly easy to bake, assemble and decorate. A word of caution, though: This effort may earn you a reputation as the go-to cake baker.

The Cake

A golf ball cake may be made with any type of batter, as long as the cake it produces is firm and fairly sturdy. The cake may be from a packaged mix or made from scratch, depending on your skill level as a baker. This cake can be made in virtually any flavor, from chocolate to carrot cake; it is simply a matter of your intended recipient's taste. If you're unsure of your audience's favorite flavors, opt for a basic yellow or chocolate, sure to please most palates.


This cake can be made one of two ways: You can assemble a perfectly round golf ball or you can make a half-sphere and mount it on a sheet cake "green." If you're feeding a crowd, you'll want to do a half-sphere on top of a sheet cake for more servings. You can purchase a ball cake pan for under $15. Each half is filled with batter, baked according to pan instructions and cooled completely. Refrigerating the cooled cake will give it even more stability.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG


The frosting for a golf ball cake can be canned butter cream, homemade butter cream or even fondant, if you're an accomplished baker. The key is to have a good, stiff frosting that won't slide down the dome shape. If you're making a complete sphere, frost both halves and then put a layer of frosting between them to cement the two layers together, smoothing the icing where the halves meet. If you're making a half dome, frost the sheet platform first, place the dome on top and then frost it.

Texture and Finishing Touches

The fun part of making a golf ball cake is the decorating. Let your frosting set for a couple of hours before attempting to add the "dimpled" texture. This can be done in several ways: gently pressing in the end of a wooden spoon, the round dial of a small candy thermometer or the bowl of a measuring teaspoon. You can also pipe black decorating icing to spell a brand name such as "Titleist." To create the texture of grass, use decorating frosting from a can or homemade frosting in a pastry bag with a star tip. You can even add real (clean) golf tees; just make sure your guests know they're not edible.

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