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What Are the Health Benefits of Female Toner Tea?

By Rick Rockwell

Female toner tea is an herbal tea supplement containing a variety of organic herbs and roots and available at most health food and holistic stores. Female toner tea consists mainly of raspberry and strawberry leaf complemented with licorice root, nettle leaf, blessed thistle herb and cramp bark. Its purported health benefits target the female reproductive system predominantly, helping to alleviate some of the side effects of menstruation and pregnancy. It also has a calming effect that works as a sleep aid. The taste of female toner tea is mildly bitter with a slightly astringent, citruslike aftertaste.

Raspberry Leaf

According to Healthlibrary.epnet.com, herbalists have long considered raspberry leaf tea an effective remedy for relief of pregnancy complications and difficult labor. Supposed to facilitate labor by relaxing the uterus, rosemary is also used to alleviate menstrual cramps and morning sickness. Other benefits of raspberry leaf include treatment of gingivitis, diarrhea, canker sores and leg cramps. Antioxidant flavonoids, elagic acid and tannins supply raspberry leaf with its ability to decrease the severity of these conditions. This antioxidant activity is why raspberry leaves are harvested in the spring prior to flowering, when flavonoid content is at its highest.

Strawberry Leaf

Strawberry leaf is combined with other herbs in female toner tea because of its rich content of calcium and tannins. Calcium in strawberry leaf enhances lactation in nursing mothers, which benefits infants as well. The vitamin C found in strawberry leaf additionally assists pregnant women by contributing to teeth and bone health, something that is often compromised during pregnancy. Leaves are harvested after the plant has flowered, and the rhizomes, a type of root, or the plant are crushed to make healing poultices for wounds. Be aware that those who are allergic to strawberries may also experience an allergic reaction to female toner tea.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle leaf, or “stinging nettle” may be considered a weed, but its medicinal value is exceptional compared to other herbs. It is included in female toner tea because of its ability to reduce water retention during menstruation and alleviate symptoms of menopause in older women. Possessing qualities similar to those of strawberry leaf, nettle stimulates production of breast milk and is supposed to help young mothers regain their energy after childbirth. Because of its analgesic properties, nettle leaf may ease labor pains as well, reports the Truth Seek website. Harvesting nettle leaves in springtime just prior to the plant's flowering stage helps to ensure high concentrations of its beneficial ingredients.

Blessed Thistle Herb

Although bitter-tasting by itself, blessed thistle herb blends well in female toner tea, contributing tannins and other compounds to assist women in lactation and “expression” of milk after childbirth. Leaves of the blessed thistle herb are used to make tea, while the flower tops and upper stems may be utilized in tonics and poultices. Supplementing female toner tea with this herb provides heartburn relief as well, a condition from which many pregnant women suffer during later months of pregnancy. In addition, it acts as a diuretic for women retaining water during menstruation, according to the Global Healing Center's website, relieving bloating and edema of the feet.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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