Raw Food Diet & Bread

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The raw food diet is a strict yet fairly popular diet which has been shown to decrease cholesterol, according to the journal of Human Nutrition and Metabolism. This diet disallows consumption of any cooked foods as well as any animal products including meats, eggs and dairy. The main foods allowed on the raw food diet are raw fruits and vegetables and sprouted nuts, beans and lentils. Breads are often tricky to discern because some types are allowed on the raw food diet and some types are not.

Commercialized Breads

Commercialized breads, such as Wonder Bread or Sara Lee are not allowed on the raw food diet. This is because many of them contain some dairy products and virtually all commercialized breads involve some heating during the production process.

Purchasing Raw Breads

Although it is difficult to find a raw bread product in grocery stores, it is sometimes possible to find them in specialty stores or online. For instance, a company called “Raw Makery” sells raw breads online at www.rawmakery.com (see reference 2). They sell flavors such as herb bread and garlic bread, which are made from ingredients like buckwheat groats, yams and garbanzo beans.

Making Your Own Raw Bread

Many people on the raw food diet who want to eat bread end up making their own breads because it is quicker and less expensive than purchasing a raw bread from a specialty store or online. Raw bread can be made by sprouting wheat and blending the sprouts, a little water and some raw vegetables in a blender, then dehydrating the batter in a food dehydrator over night.

Raw Bread Substitutes

Instead of eating bread on a raw food diet, there are more feasible, more readily available options which can still satisfy your craving for bread. Raw flax seed crackers are more readily available in health food stores than raw breads. Raw tortillas are sometimes available in health food store freezer sections and raw crackers can be found in health food stores as well.

Ingredient Options

There is not one main ingredient found in all raw breads or raw bread recipes. Rather, raw breads contain a plethora of raw ingredients such as sprouted wheat, sprouted oats, flax seeds and sprouted beans. They usually have bits of vegetables or bits of fruits added in for consistency and taste such as pieces of olives and carrots.