Does Apple Juice Cleanse the Kidneys?

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Cleansing and detoxing are two pet fads of alternative medicine adherents and diet hobbyists, but neither has any basis in science. Forcibly cleansing the kidneys through drinking apple juice or ingesting anything else is simply not possible. There are benefits to drinking apple juice, because it is high in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. Natural, organic fruit juices are free of chemical additives and refined sugars, making them easier for your body to digest and process.

Cleansing Facts

The notion of cleansing has its roots in both religious and secular practice, but it is not supported by Western science or medicine. The body’s natural detoxing system is efficient and hard to tamper with. It is not possible to speed up the rate at which your kidneys perform their main function of cleaning your blood by filtering wastes from it.

Kidney Facts

Your kidneys are one of only two paired organs in your body, the others being your lungs. Aside from cleaning out your blood, your kidneys also regulate the levels of calcium, chloride, phosphorous, potassium and sodium, as well as regulating your blood pressure. Your kidneys stimulate red blood cell production, and they control the acidity of your blood and the amount of water your body is retaining. Nothing you drink will speed up or enhance any of these processes, though toxins like alcohol can hamper them.

Apple Juice Facts

Raw, unfiltered apple juice is high in vitamin C and fiber, both of which are necessary for a healthy body. Neither has an immediate impact on kidney function, though vitamin C is a proven antioxidant. This means that it helps neutralize free radicals, which are associated with the damage of aging and also with certain cancers. In this sense, apple juice can support your kidneys in doing their work, but it cannot actually cleanse your kidneys.


Apple juice will not cleanse your kidneys any more than any other food or drink can forcibly clean out any other organ. Drinking raw, unfiltered apple juice instead of alcohol, sodium- and chemical-laden soft drinks or high-fat designer coffees offers you better nutrition with less calories and expense. But it is not a miracle cure.