Metamucil Detoxification

The colon (also known as the bowel) exist to help move unwanted toxins from our bodies. Although many experts say that the human body does a sufficient job of removing these toxins itself, others have found that cleansing the bowels can significantly improve health. Metamucil is one of the safest and most popular cleansing products on the market. Here are some simple steps for doing a Metamucil detox that may leave you with a cleaner, happier colon

Metamucil to Detoxify The Colon

Metamucil is a brand-name products that contains psyllium fiber, giving it the ability to help cleanse the bowels and promote regularity in bowel movements. When psyllium is mixed with water, it forms a gel that has a sponge-like effect on the colon walls, removing any toxins that are impeding the absorption of vital nutrients and poorly affecting your health.

There are many Metamucil products you can use to assist you in your detox efforts. Note that "Metamucil Clear and Natural" doesn't contain psyllium fiber and may not have the same effects. Follow the dosage instructions provided by the manufacturer for a safe and effective cleanse of your body. It is recommended when taking psyllium supplements to drink one or two glasses of water with each dose.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Drinking plenty of water and juice is effective in more ways than one when performing a detox. The most obvious is their helpfulness in carrying away unwanted toxins (which are mobilized during the fasting process). They are also important in preventing dehydration during this process. Also, many juices contain sugars that can assist in speeding up your bowel movements. Juices can be a good natural source of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy and keep its energy during the cleansing process.

Eating Healthily

Since it is processed and cooked foods that tend to create or add to the toxins in your colon, a cleanse consisting of mostly raw fruits and vegetables is your best bet for cleaning out your system. Raw fruits and vegetables are very high in fiber, which is possibly the safest way to remove unwanted toxins from your digestive tract. Also, they contain the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that are necessary for a healthy body so you won't feel weak or unwell as you're going through a detox.