How to Flush Out Alcohol in Your Body

Flushing alcohol out of the body is one way to cleanse and detoxify. Alcohol is a toxic substance in high doses. Alcohol poisoning can lead to death 1. It can also damage the liver, causing a wealth of problems, some of which can be life-threatening. People want to flush alcohol out of their systems for a variety of reasons. There are simple ways to remove the alcohol from the body.

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Drink more fluids. Water is an excellent way to flush out all kinds of toxins, poisons and debris from the body. A daily intake of about 64 oz. or 8 cups of fluids each day is recommended. Vegetable juices, fruits juices and herbal teas are also healthy fluids that help to dilute the drugs, poisons and toxins in the body.

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Go on a short fast. Fasting is one way to clean out the body and also give it a chance to self-heal. There are many ways to fast, but focusing on the liver, kidneys and skin is one of the best ways to detoxify the body. A fast of just 1 to 3 days is often successful. Many alcohol treatment centers incorporate a fast into their programs.

Clean the liver. The liver gets the brunt of the damage due to alcohol abuse. The liver is an organ that filters out many poisons, debris and harmful substances from the body. By cleansing the liver this organ is better able to do its job. Herbal remedies are effective in strengthening the liver, getting it to function better. Milk thistle is a popular herb for the liver. The herb is available online and at health food stores. Other good herbs for the liver are dandelion and burdock root. Take only one liver herb at a time. Consult with an herbalist if you have questions.

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Do exercise. Exercise is also part of the program for alcohol cleansing. Exercise assists the body in healing itself. It helps to get rid of toxins by burning fat and thereby releasing toxins stored in the fatty tissues of the body. Any type of exercise is beneficial. Walking is often recommended as a safe and low-impact form of aerobic exercise.