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How to Eat Lilikoi

By M.H. Dyer

Lilikoi is a tart tropical fruit that grows in warm, humid climates such as Hawaii, the Pacific Islands and certain parts of South and Central America. Although lilikoi is a type of passion fruit, it is yellow rather than purple, and is slightly larger than purple varieties. Depending on growing conditions, the flavor of lilikoi is often tarter than passion fruit. Lilikoi is rich in vitamin A and C, riboflavin and niacin. Eat Lilikoi raw, stir it into yogurt or incorporate the fruit into juices, tropical punch, jam or jelly, desserts or bread.

  1. Wash the lilikoi under cool running water. Use a paring knife to cut the fruit in half lengthwise. Eat the entire fruit -- including the seeds -- or use a teaspoon to remove the seeds from the center of the fruit. This is only one way of eating lilikoi raw.

  2. Chop the raw lilikoi fruit into small pieces or mash the fruit lightly with a fork. Top the fruit with cream and sugar or stir the fruit into yogurt.

  3. Make lilikoi juice. Process the fruit lightly in a blender, then press the blended fruit through a fine mesh strainer or a jelly bag. Dilute the tart juice with water or with other juices such as pineapple or orange juice, then sweeten the juice to suit your preferences. Save the pulp to stir into yogurt.

  4. Combine lilikoi juice with guava juice, pineapple juice, lime juice and ginger ale to make a festive tropical punch. Sweeten the punch with sugar. Chill the punch, then serve in a punchbowl. Lilikoi juice is used a variety of ways, including tangy jelly or jam.

  5. Make lilikoi jelly or jam by combining strained lilikoi juice, water, sugar and liquid or powdered pectin. Mix the ingredients and process the jelly according to the directions included with the pectin.

  6. Combine lilikoi juice with boiling water and instant orange gelatin to make lilikoi Bavarian cream dessert. Follow the instructions on the gelatin package for combining fruit juice and gelatin. Place the mixture in the refrigerator until it begins to thicken, then stir in whipped cream. Spoon the dessert into individual serving bowls or wine glasses.

  7. Use your favorite banana bread recipe to make lilikoi bread. Substitute mashed lilikoi in place of mashed banana. If your recipe calls for liquid, use undiluted lilikoi juice.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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