Calories in a Cheese & Tomato Sandwich

A cheese and tomato sandwich makes a healthy lunch option, especially when paired with a side salad. For optimal nutrition, make your sandwich with whole-grain bread, which has more fiber and other nutrients than refined white versions. Also, keep the calorie count low by using reduced-fat cheese and nonstick cooking spray rather than butter if you're grilling your sandwich.

Layer by Layer

Two slices of whole-wheat bread contain about 160 calories, while 1 ounce of regular cheddar cheese contains 115 calories, and 1 ounce of reduced-fat cheddar cheese yields just 80 calories. Tomato contributes about 5 calories per slice. Therefore, a sandwich with whole-wheat bread, 1 ounce of regular cheddar and two tomato slices would contain about 285 calories, while the same sandwich with reduced-fat cheese would contain 250 calories. Top your sandwich with a tablespoon of light mayonnaise, and you'll add about 35 calories.