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Dangers With Male Enlargement Pills

By Roger Thorne J.D. ; Updated July 18, 2017

Male enlargement pills, also sold as male enhancement pills, penis enlargement pills or other names, are touted by manufacturers as a method for men to increase their penis size without having to take medication or use surgery. While the claims manufacturers make about these supplements seem enticing to some men, these products do come with potential hazards. Talk to a physician if you're considering taking any enhancement or penile enlargement supplement.

Dietary Supplements

Male enhancement pills are typically sold as dietary supplement. A dietary supplement, according to the Food and Drug Administration, is any product that the contains a dietary ingredient that consumer takes orally and is intended by the manufacturer to supplement a person's diet. Dietary supplements contain herbs, plant extracts and other similar products, and any claims the manufacturer makes about their effectiveness have to be supported by evidence.


As a dietary supplement, male enhancement pill manufacturers only have to be sure that the product is safe for human consumption. Product do not have to conform with purity requirements that, for example, prescription medications do. This means that what is in each pill you take can vary from batch to batch and even from pill to pill. Further, the supplements may contain substances that interfere or interact with prescription medication you take.


As a dietary supplement, penis enlargement pills do not need government approval before a manufacturer can release them for sale in the United States. The Food and Drug Administration does have to approve any medication or drug before manufacturers can sell them, but they do not have to approve male enhancement pills. If the FDA determines that a product is unsafe or poses a health risk, it can only remove the product after the product has already been in the marketplace.


Dietary supplements that claim to enlarge your penis are promising more than they can deliver. While dietary supplement manufacturers must be able to support any claims they make with evidence, that doesn't mean the evidence they have is very good, nor does it guarantee your penis will actually grow. Purchasing these products means you are throwing your money away on a useless product.

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