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Sugar Free and Fat Free Desserts

By Diane Lynn

Even if you eat a healthy diet on most days of the week, you may crave a sweet treat on occasion. Finding healthy, sugar free and fat free desserts can be challenging. Whether you are trying to cut calories for weight loss, eat less sugar as a way to control your blood sugar or enjoy a sweet treat without consuming any fat, there are desserts you can prepare and enjoy guilt free.


Eating a sugar free and fat free dessert helps you save calories. A gram of fat has 9 calories and a gram of carbohydrates, including sugar, contains 4 calories. If you switch from regular vanilla ice cream to no-sugar-added vanilla ice cream you consume 38 fewer calories, 3 less fat grams and 10 less grams of sugar. Eating less sugar can benefit your blood glucose levels, particularly if have diabetes or prediabetes. A nonfat dessert has no dangerous saturated or trans fats, unlike traditional desserts which often contain butter.

Ingredients and Preparation

While you can find fat free and sugar free desserts in the store, you can make your own with the proper ingredients and cooking methods. A sugar free dessert often uses an artificial sweetener in place of refined sugar. Sucralose heats well and contains no sugar or calories. Stock up on prune puree, banana puree or unsweetened applesauce for use in place of the fat in a recipe. You can also use fat free egg whites in place of whole eggs, or fat free yogurt as a substitute for butter in some dishes.

Cold Desserts

Cold desserts can satisfy your sweet tooth without adding calories or sugar to your diet. Make your own frozen ice pops with sugar free gelatin, ice and water. You can whip fat free skim milk with an emulsion blender to make fat free whipped cream. Place a dollop of the cream on a small bowl of berries for a refreshing no-added sugar and fat free dessert. You can make a pumpkin mousse by combining unsweetened pumpkin, skim milk, sugar free pudding, fat free whipping cream and pumpkin pie spice together and refrigerating until firm.

Baked Desserts

Baking fat free, sugar free desserts can be challenging. Options include zucchini bread made with prune puree in place of butter and a sugar free substitute instead of the sugar. Use egg substitutes to eliminate the fat from whole eggs. Fruit cobbler, traditionally prepared with sweetened fruit, butter and sugar, becomes fat and sugar free when you use fat free biscuit mix, sliced peaches and a sugar substitute in place of sugar. Angel food cake, traditionally fat free, usually contains sugar. However, a recipe in the book "Baking with Splenda" indicates that you can substitute a sugar free baking substitute for white sugar, use real egg whites and top the cake with a can of sugar free pie filling.


Even though some of the desserts you eat may be fat and sugar free, they all contain calories. If watching your weight through calorie counting, calculate the number of calories you consume from dessert and add them to your daily total to avoid eating too much of a seemingly healthy dessert. Read the label of canned or packaged foods to ensure they contain no fat or sugar, as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration allows the product to claim a fat free or sugar free designation if it contains less than 0.5 g fat or sugar per serving.

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