For more than 50 years, Shaklee Corporation has manufactured nutrition and wellness products that boast guaranteed efficacy, safety and environmental responsibility 2. One of the company's popular products is its soy protein shake line, which is currently offered in four formulations for a variety of purposes. Many people drink these protein shakes for increased energy, fitness or as convenient meal replacements. Soy may affect some people negatively. In these cases, Shaklee offers a whey protein shake mix as an alternative.

Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein

Shaklee's Energizing Soy Protein shake mix is a complete protein source containing 14 g of all nine essential amino acids. These amino acids are important because your body is unable to make them and must get them from food in order to build and repair itself. If your body does not get the essential amino acids it will begin to take protein from itself, which leads to a breakdown in muscle and other tissues. For energy, Shaklee has added five essential B vitamins, calcium and soy isoflavones to this protein mix. It is non-genetically modified, gluten-, lactose- and cholesterol-free and contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives. The Energizing Soy Protein is offered in Creamy Cocoa and Natural Vanilla flavors.

Shaklee Instant Protein Soy Mix

Shaklee's Instant Protein Soy Mix provides 16 g of a cholesterol-free, low-fat complete soy protein. It is non-genetically modified, gluten-free, kosher and contains no artificial ingredients. The Instant Protein Soy Mix comes in a Natural flavor and can be added to any food or beverage while maintaining its nutritional content. Like all Shaklee soy protein products, Instant Protein uses only soy that has been produced under the Identity Preservation Program, which certifies that the soybeans used have been tightly controlled during all stages from planting through processing.

Shaklee Cinch Soy Protein

Shaklee Cinch Soy Protein shake mix is a complete meal replacement that can be used for weight management. It contains 24 g of protein and adds leucine, an essential amino acid that prevents you from losing muscle during weight loss. It is also low-glycemic and contains up to 6 g of fiber to keep you feeling full. As with all Shaklee products, these shakes contain no artificial ingredients. Cinch Soy Protein mix comes in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Cafe Latte flavors and can be purchased in a canister or in single-serving packets.

Shaklee Physique Workout Maximizer

Shaklee Physique is a protein and carbohydrate blend that is designed to deliver energy to your muscles. It contains 14 g of protein and 18 different vitamins and minerals, including 100 percent of the daily recommended servings of vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B-12, biotin and pantothenic acid. Physique can be mixed into water, milk or orange juice and comes in a Natural Banana flavor.