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Ideas for Yoga Class Themes

By Jody Braverman ; Updated January 30, 2018

A creative yoga class theme may keep your participants returning for more, and it can also attract new students to the workouts. If your own creativity is waning, you can find new ideas from other instructors, fitness certifying agencies and yoga magazines. You may feel a new idea of your own take flight from a simple suggestion, such as combining yoga with resistance.

Special Populations

IDEA Health and Fitness Association suggests a silver age yoga class for your senior population. You can create a themed yoga class based on special populations such as seniors, young adults or recovering addicts. This is an opportunity to offer a safe environment where your participants can be with others who have similar backgrounds. A seniors-only class will increase participants' comfort levels when they know you will not be instructing any yoga pose that would risk the safety of their bodies.


Combining yoga with other exercises is a way to create a new class theme. Desert Southwest Fitness, a company that offers continuing education credits for fitness instructors, has a Yoga-Pilates blend themed workout. You can add challenge to your class by combining yoga with other styles such as Pilates, kickboxing or resistance training. A yoga-boxing theme may help attract male clientele who shy away from a conventional yoga class.


Holidays provide ideal themes for yoga classes. Turnstep, which is a website that provides class outlines for instructors, suggests a Valentine's Day yoga class. This could include heart-shaped hands instead of prayer hands, and you could teach many heart-opening poses such as camel and bridge. Holiday-themed classes provide an opportunity to change your music selection. You could use Christmas carols during December classes, or love songs for your Valentine's workout.


"Yoga Journal" suggests ways to improve your parent-baby yoga classes such as bouncing the baby on a participant's bellies while she is in bridge pose. You can expand this pairing theme to include couples workouts, best-friend classes or mother-daughter exercise sessions. You can instruct your students to work together and touch feet while in boat pose, or increase the challenge and have a daughter place her hands on her mother's back while both hold plank pose.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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