Are Lean Pockets Healthy?

Lean Pockets are manufactured by Nestle 1. There are thirteen varieties of lean pockets, many of which are made with whole-grain crusts, protein, calcium and fiber. Lean Pockets boast portability to allow for multitasking during meal time, which is great for busy people. Per Nestle's website, each variety of lean pocket has 9 g of fat or less, 0 g of trans fat, and 360 calories or less per serving.

Serving Size & Calories

A serving of Lean Pockets is one pocket. It's important to note that there are two pockets in every package, so if you eat them both, you'd have to double all the numbers on the nutrition facts label 1. The most calories a Lean Pocket will have is 360. Based on a 2000-calorie diet, which is the standard for nutrition labeling, one Lean Pocket will provide at most 18% of your total calories for a day 1. This represents a low to moderate calorie level for a meal.

Fat and Cholesterol

Lean Pockets have 9 g of fat or less depending on the variety, and no trans fat in any of their varieties. There 15 to 30 mg cholesterol in Lean Pockets, depending on the flavor you choose. For fat and cholesterol, Lean Pockets are considered low to moderate sources of fat and cholesterol, which is good for those who are trying to watch their intake.


Each lean pocket has 10 to 12 g protein per serving. Protein functions in the body to build and repair muscles and produce hormones and antibodies. The amount of protein you need in a day varies, depending on your body size, activity level, and your age. Most adult women require about 45 g protein and most adult men require about 55 g protein per day. Lean Pockets are a good source of dietary protein.

Carbohydrate and Fiber

Lean Pockets are not low in carbohydrate, but they do contain dietary fiber. Each pocket has about 40 g of carbohydrate, or almost three carb exchanges for people counting their carbs. If the pocket is your entire meal, the carbohydrate provided is a good amount. If you plan on eating anything else with carbohyrate in it, you might go over the recommended three to five servings of carbs per meal. At least 10 varieties of Lean Pockets have whole-grain crusts. The fiber provided in Lean Pockets generally ranges from 1 to 3 g. A serving of standard whole-grain bread usually has 3 g of fiber.


As with most products that are microwave ready in just a few minutes, Lean Pockets are not low in sodium. Depending the the flavor you choose, your pocket will average about 500 mg sodium, which is about the same as a serving of canned soup. This is not the best choice for those looking to limit their sodium intake.