Diet Plan With Smart Ones

A reduced calorie diet can help you to achieve a healthy weight. Depending upon your starting weight and activity level, your daily calorie intake to lose weight should be between 1200 calories and 2000 calories per day. Packaged frozen foods, such as Weight Watchers Smart Ones, can help you control your calorie intake and make food preparation easy 1.


Smart Ones frozen foods include options for breakfast, lunch or dinner, snacks and desserts 1. Breakfast options rely upon classic choices, like eggs and lean ham or Canadian bacon. Lunch and dinner choices include a variety of dishes with classic home cooked options, southwestern flavors or Asian inspired dishes. Snacks are lower calorie and may offer an alternative to high fat choices, while desserts limit calories and portion size.


Including frozen diet meals like Smart Ones in your diet can help you to stay within your calorie guidelines with smart food choices and portion control 12. You can use Smart Ones as the mainstay of your diet, supplementing with fresh fruits, vegetables and low fat or fat free dairy products for adequate calories and nutrition, recommends ABC News' Good Morning America or just have a Smart Ones entree occasionally when there's not time to cook or use them for lunches at the office 1.


Most Smart Ones entrees have between 200 and 400 calories and contain 6 to 9 grams of fat 1. Depending upon the entree you choose, it may contain four to eight Weight Watchers' Points. Breakfasts are four to five Weight Watchers' Points or around 200 to 250 calories. Snacks are substantial and are, like breakfasts, around 200 calories each. Smart Ones desserts are around three points and 150 calories each 1.


If you opt for a diet containing mostly frozen diet meals, you will need to supplement with other foods 2. Many diet entrees do not contain enough calories to sustain your energy levels and good health throughout the day. Add a salad, fresh vegetables or fruits to your diet meals to increase both the total calorie count and nutrition of your diet, recommends Good Morning America. Try pairing an orange with an Asian dish or simply steamed broccoli or carrots with macaroni and cheese suggests The Early Show at


When planning a diet that includes frozen diet meals like Smart Ones, keep in mind your total calorie needs 12. Frozen meals are not nutritionally complete and, at around 250 to 350 calories each, will not provide adequate calories 2. Choose Smart Ones entrees with at least 10 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber, recommends the CBS Early Show 1. Look for less than 700 mg of sodium, or plan to balance a high sodium diet meal with lower sodium foods throughout the day.