How to Lose Abdominal Fat Quick

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While you don't want to lose more than one or two pounds a week, the ability to lose abdominal fat quickly is a common health and fitness goal of men and women alike. Losing belly fat can be attained in a healthy and timely fashion, particularly with the improvement of diet and exercise -- and it's a great self-esteem builder as well as being a goal that promotes daily health and well-being.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Belly

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If your goal is to lose abdominal fat, one of your key lifestyle changes will be your diet. Choose healthy, lean meats, such as chicken breast and ground turkey. It is suggested to “eat the rainbow” when choosing vegetables and fruits, eating foods that are green, purple/blue, red and orange in color. Eating a balanced diet that does not eliminate any food group is key. Carbohydrates are not inherently evil, and should be included with meat and vegetables as part of a daily regimen. You should also avoid skipping meals. Eating a breakfast, no matter how small, jumpstarts the metabolism and provides energy while promoting weight loss.

Simple Exercises

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The best way to start losing weight is to begin an exercise regimen that includes a cardiovascular workout. Adding cardio to your daily lifestyle won't require a gym membership or an investment in expensive equipment. Cardio includes activities such as walking, biking and jogging. One effective way to see quick results is to work out for 30 minutes at a time, six days per week. For those who are physically capable, alternating between a low-impact exercise such as walking, and a high-impact workout such as jogging, running or swimming, is best to lose belly fat.

Targeting the Abdominal Area

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Strength training is important for keeping a trim waistline. Once a weekly cardio workout has been established, it is time to add core exercises into the workout routine. Core exercises include sit-ups, crunches and leg lifting. Leg lifting will target the core muscles of the leg as well as the lower abdominal muscles. These types of core strength training exercises should be added to a cardio workout roughly two to three times a week, for approximately 15 minutes at a time.

Rested Body, Rested Mind

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Your overall health is important to remember when setting any weight loss or fitness goals. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is necessary for both maintaining your current weight and for helping you cut fat relatively quickly -- your exercises to lose abdominal fat require a well-rested body. The standard median for recommended sleep is approximately seven hours. Yoga, meditation and the controlling of breath can also be beneficial to weight loss -- these practices can rest your mind, giving you an internal sense of well-being, as well as motivate and energize you to continue your commitment toward losing abdominal fat quick. A doctor may also recommend a multivitamin supplement or a targeted vitamin supplement, such as Vitamin C.