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Side Effects of Using Ginkgo Biloba

By Carole Anne Tomlinson

Although the U.S. Food & Drug Administration hasn't yet approved ginkgo biloba as a medication, says some evidence exists that the herb may help people with Alzheimer’s disease. The organization reports that ginkgo biloba may help improve people’s memories and decrease such symptoms of disease as depression, confusion, concentration difficulties, headaches and fatigue, among others. notes that researchers study the herb to determine its usefulness in such treatments. says ginkgo biloba may help increase blood circulation in people who suffered strokes. The supplement may produce some side effects.


When you ingest the ginkgo biloba supplement, especially at first, you may discover your gastric system reacts to it. Commonly when you introduce new substances such as herbal supplements or prescribed medications, your body may have initial trouble adjusting to them. Your stomach, where you begin to digest ginkgo biloba, may suffer some irritation from the new herbal substance. This may induce a feeling of queasiness that may occur in a mild form or as full nausea, says. Because this form of side effect associated with ginkgo biloba classifies as non-serious, your stomach upset should subside as you continue your dosing with the herb. You may quell the sensation with over-the-counter medications designed to reduce nausea. If your nausea persists, seek medical help.


One of the intended effects of ginkgo biloba, thinning of your blood, may cause the side effect of dizziness. This may occur as part of a condition called postural hypotension. This means you experience a swift, momentary drop in your blood pressure when you change positions, usually when you get up from a prone or sitting position. This can cause a swirling sensation of movement that may momentarily disorient you. indicates dizziness usually occurs only during the initial use of ginkgo biloba and should not cause a major problem.

Diarrhea and Gas

Ginkgo biloba use may produce an initial side effect of diarrhea as well as gas in your stomach or intestines, says. The diarrhea may produce abdominal cramps. The gas may produce belching or flatulence. Although these side effects may make you feel uncomfortable, they classify only as non-serious problems that should dissipate as your body adjusts to ginkgo biloba.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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