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Chinese Weight Loss Secrets

By Jake Wayne ; Updated July 18, 2017

"Secrets" may be a strong word for the weight loss techniques that keep the average body weight of the Chinese significantly lower than that of Americans. Marketers of some products will use it, but for the most part Chinese weight loss methods are simply traditional circumstances. Americans and others can adopt them at will, although not all should be adopted.


Diet is at the center of why Chinese nationals - and those from many other nations - remain thinner than their cousins in the West. According to information provided by the World Health Organization, the average Chinese person eats approximately 800 fewer calories than the average American every day. At 3,500 calories per pound, that's 83 pounds worth of calories per year. The Chinese diet is also lower in refined grains, fast food and sugars than the average Western diet, meaning they eat not only fewer calories, but also eat the kinds of calories that are friendlier to weight loss.


Martial arts traditions, meditative practices like qigong, calisthenics and team sports are all part of the daily routine in Chinese culture. Although it's not a compulsory part of the work day, like it is in some Japanese companies, participation is part of many peoples' lives. Staying active is also common in older citizens. Elderly people participating in tai chi, dance or other low-impact exercises is the norm rather than a spunky exception.


Chinese weight loss teas are often touted as a weight loss "secret," especially by those trying to sell you the tea. According to diet reviews at "Weight Loss Review," Chinese herbal weight-loss teas promote weight loss through stimulants and diuretics. The stimulant increases energy and activity, just like taking dexadrine, caffeine or other diet pills. The diuretics stimulate your body to urinate more frequently, thus temporarily shedding water weight. Neither of these techniques is recommended for healthy weight loss.


Grinding poverty is one way to make sure you don't gain a lot of weight, although - like the diet teas - isn't a method many health counselors are likely to recommend you adopt. The average Chinese citizen makes 1/15th as much as the average American or Canadian, and 1/14th as much as the average British citizen.

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