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Top 10 Natural Testosterone Supplements

By Andrew Bennett ; Updated August 14, 2017

Natural testosterone supplements, also known as testosterone boosters, contain potent herbal extracts that can prompt the body to produce more testosterone. Testosterone boosters also contain ingredients to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT and estrogen. Other ingredients help by unbinding testosterone that is bound, and therefore unavailable for use by the androgen receptors of muscle tissues.

Get Jacked Stack

Universal's Get Jacked Stack contains the natural testosterone-boosters tribulus terrestris, avena sativa, and an herb called longjack. In addition, it contains ingredients for blocking DHT (dihydrotestosterone), estrogen and cortisol.

Animal M-Stack

Universal's Animal M-Stack formula is non-hormonal, which does not mean that it has no effect on testosterone. The ingredient safed musli may help to unbind bound testosterone. The potent adaptogens may also help with normalizing the body's hormonal environment.

T-Bomb II

MHP's testosterone booster contains the usual suspects tribulus terrestris, fenugreek extract and longjack. However, it also comes with DHT and estrogen blockers, as well as a "2nd Messenger Hormone Amplifier," which contains beneficial essential fatty acids and amino acids.


Vitrix is another Nutrex product that seems to follow the simple-yet-effective strategy, in this case to boost testosterone. It contains German tribulus, vitex, avena sativa, horny goat weed and longjack.


BSN's testosterone booster Axis-HT contains tribulus terrestris, longjack, and safed musli, like many of the other products. However, the addition of "proteinaceous avian nucleus extract" or growth factors from eggs, as well as coleus forskohlii, make it a truly unique product.


SAN's Myo-Test product takes a very natural approach to testosterone-boosting with quercetin, icarrin (horny goat weed extract), resveratrol, indole-3-carbinol, and stinging nettle extract.

Super Test

Super Test from Beast Sports Nutrition is unique because it contains cissus quandrangularis and rhodiola rosea, two potent herbs. In addition, Super Test provides compounds for blocking estrogen and DHT conversion, as well as milk thistle for herbal liver support.

Blue Up

Controlled Labs is know for their potent formulations. Blue Up seems to be no exception, with tribulus, avena sativa, and longjack for testosterone-boosting. It also contain natural caffeine and yohimbe to support intense workouts.


Goliath Labs offers Tribuloid, which contains zinc monomethionine, tribulus, dodder seed, horny goat weed extract, avena sativa, flaxseed oil, and longjack for boosting testosterone. Meanwhile, chrysin, saw palmetto, calcium-D-glucarate, and DIM inhibit excess DHT and estrogen production.


Besides tribulus, fenugreek, and horny goat weed, I-Satori's ISA-Test GF contains grape seed extract and hydroxyecdysone, which is literally an insect steroid that has non-hormonal, adaptogenic activity in the human body. They updated the original formula with mucuna pruriens and melatonin for their growth hormone-increasing effects.

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