Calories Burned Doing Billy's Bootcamp

"Billy's Boot Camp," a DVD workout created by Tae Bo's Billy Blanks, focuses on burning calories, melting away fat and toning muscles by targeting specific muscle groups. By taking certain variables into consideration, such as your personal measurements and workout type, it can be easy to determine your calorie burn.


As with any workout, your caloric burn during "Billy's Boot Camp" will depend on major variables, such as:

  • your height
  • weight
  • nutrition
  • workout intensity level

Billy Blanks offers numerous "Boot Camp" DVDs, each varying in level of difficulty.

Time Frame

"Billy's Boot Camp" includes a 55-minute full body workout, a 35-minute abdominal workout, a 55-minute cardio workout and a seven-day nutritional plan. The system also includes workout bands and a plan to see results in just seven days 1.

Calories Burned

After taking all variables into consideration, an average 140-lb 1. exerciser will burn about 470 calories during the 55-minute full body workout, and about 300 calories during the 35-minute abdominal workout 1. To achieve weight loss goals, pair "Billy's Boot Camp" workout with the included nutrition plan 1.