Can Tony Little's Gazelle Help Reduce Abdominal Fat?

iBelly fat is more than an aesthetic issue.

Regular moderate-intensity exercise is key to belly fat loss. Tony Little's Gazelle helps you achieve this.

Abdominal fat isn't just a fashion faux pas that makes you feel subconscious in a swim suit, it's a literal health risk — the probability of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers rises when you've got too much.

Adopting a more physically active lifestyle is key in reducing belly fat ,and Tony Little's Gazelle helps with that. A regular routine on the gliding machine gets you out of your seat and burning calories, so you're better able to reduce abdominal fat. However, it shouldn't be the only aspect of your abdominal fat-loss program.

About the Gazelle

The Gazelle is similar to an elliptical or ski machine. You stand on the rails and hold the arm poles. Propel your legs and arms forward and back to raise your heart rate and improve your cardiorespiratory fitness.

The scissoring motion works the large muscles of your body — namely the legs, butt and shoulders — without putting any impact on your joints. Thus, the machine is fabulous for people who can't bear the pounding of jogging or high-impact classes.

iBelly fat is more than an aesthetic issue.

Targeting Your Tummy

At least 30 minutes working at a moderate intensity on the Gazelle most days of the week helps in your quest to lose belly fat. You might need to work more, however, to reduce significant weight. The American College of Sports Medicine suggests 250 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week to lose significant pounds.

Set up the Gazelle in front of the television to catch up on your favorite shows. To avoid workout monotony, vary your efforts. Use just your legs to challenge your balance and increase the intensity on the thigh and butt muscles. Alternatively, push and pull with just the arms to give your upper body more emphasis.

You're also able to alter your stride for variety. Do intervals of the wide glide, basic glide, low glide, forward push or power glide to keep your mind interested and train different muscles. The owner's manual for your model explains these techniques.

Some Gazelle models are equipped with pistons that enable you to vary the resistance to make your workout harder or easier according to your needs.

Other Strategies to Help Your Quest

Remember that the Gazelle may help you reduce abdominal fat, but you'll also have to employ other techniques. A quality diet that moderates portion sizes and relies on mostly unprocessed foods is critical. Reduce your sugar and saturated fat intake. Instead, rely on lean proteins -- such as chicken and lean steak -- fibrous vegetables and healthy fats, such as avocados and nuts. Keep your carb intake in check, using whole grains, fresh fruit and starchy vegetables as your primary sources.

iBelly fat is more than an aesthetic issue.

Strength training is another important strategy in the battle of the bulge. The Gazelle is a cardio machine, so you'll need to do some resistance work with dumbbells or resistance bands in addition to build muscle. Moves such as rows, squats, push-ups, triceps dips and crunches will benefit your overall body composition -- so you have an improved ratio of muscle to fat.