Waist-Slimming Dance Moves

If you've ever seen or heard of the show "Dancing with the Stars," you are probably familiar with the tales of amazing weight loss results from some of the stars, such as Kirstie Alley and Kelly Osborne 1. Dancing is a fun way to burn a lot of calories. There are many different styles of dances that can help you slim your waist including Bollywood, samba, Zumba and ballroom.


This fast and fiery dance is also known to burn major calories as well as tone your obliques, or the muscles found on the sides of your abdominals. Many salsa moves involve swinging your hips from left to right, forcing you to maintain tight abs throughout the dance routine. One salsa move to master is the hip roll. Imagine that there is a hula hoop around your waist and twist your hips around as if to keep the hula hoop from falling. Make sure you don't push your hips back and forth or push them past the tip of your toes.

Hip Hop

Most hip hop music videos feature dancers in tip top shape. With all that endless dancing and hip shaking, it's no wonder. Some songs, such as the Cupid Shuffle or the Cha Cha Slide, feature lyrics that explain what dance moves to do along with the song. Turn on the radio and shake your hips or learn how to do basic hip hop moves such as hip gyrations and pops, break dancing and boogalo. Many gyms and fitness centers offer hip hop dance classes as well.

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing involves moving and shaking the hips, chest, shoulders, legs and glutes. Working many muscles at once helps to burn more calories. As a result, one hour of belly dancing will burn up to 300 calories. Belly dancing also improves your balance, coordination and flexibility, plus it may boost your self-confidence. Play some Middle Eastern music and start off with hip rolls, belly undulations, hip shimmies and traveling steps.

Other Considerations

While many dance moves will help you burn calories and slim down your waist, it is important to note that no single exercise, fitness gadget or dance moves can specifically pinpoint weight loss from your waist. According to the American Council on Exercise, the concept of spot reducing, or performing an exercise such as crunches in order to lose fat, is false. Exercise, including dancing, helps reduce overall body fat.