Pro Vita Diet

By Jeremi Davidson

When creating the Pro Vita Diet, Dr. Jack Tips focused on biochemistry and a new term called bioenergy to create a nutritional plan aimed at long-term health. This diet attempts to repair your body’s cells by focusing on fresh foods such as raw fruits and vegetables and seeds. You must eat a variety of different foods for this diet to remain healthy, as doing so provides your body with the nutrients that it requires.


In his book "The PRO-VITA! Plan: Your Foundation for Optimal Nutrition," Dr. Jack Tips does not come up with any new ideas, as he instead focuses on nutritional necessities that have always existed. This diet recognizes that people now have access to processed foods through supermarkets and informs people that they should support their bodies by eating healthy foods. By following these natural laws of health, you can optimize your health efficiently.


The reasoning behind the Pro Vita Diet is to provide people with enough energy to function throughout the day, while still maintaining a high level of overall health. Dr. Jack Tips writes that a nutritious diet features many differences from today’s weight loss diets, as these diets focus on restrictions. The Pro Vita Diet focuses on getting a number of different foods into your body, so that you can gain all of the nutrients that these foods offer.


In addition to looking at nutrition from the standpoint of biochemistry, the Pro Vita Diet also focuses on bioenergy. This means that it examines which foods the body can easily use for energy, as some foods, such as soybeans, will use more energy than they provide throughout the digestion process. The Biology of Kundalini reports that you should consume plenty of raw vegetables and low-stress proteins such as seafood, organic beef and chicken, soft-cooked eggs, unboiled sprouted wild rice and sprouts in order to gain energy.


Remember that this diet will not necessarily provide short-term weight loss, as you should focus more on long-term health. Tips believes that the foods included in this diet will provide the foundation for overall health, as 35 percent of all cases of cancer come from eating an improper diet. By eating a healthy diet, you can give yourself a better chance of avoiding these diseases throughout your life.


You might not always see the symptoms, but eating processed foods does a great deal of damage to your body. Tips posits that every person receives exposure to over 200 harmful chemicals per day. By following a nutritional plan, such as the Pro Vita Diet, however, you can prevent many of these chemicals from coming into contact with your body.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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