What Is the Thorne MediClear Diet?

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Thorne Research -- a wellness company -- claims its MediClear dietary program provides nutritional support for allergies, detoxification, inflammatory response and gastrointestinal health. MediClear falls into the category of detox diet since it is based around the theory that your body is overburdened with an elevated toxic load. MediClear is designed to reduce your exposure to allergens and toxins and help your body detox, according to Thorne Research.

Premise Behind Detox Diets

Toxins are poisonous substances found throughout the environment in water, food, consumer products and air. The human body possesses an incredible ability to detoxify itself. Your liver and kidneys typically do a good job of filtering out the common environmental toxins you're usually exposed to. Although detox theories lack scientific proof, according to the KidsHealth website, proponents believe that the increased exposure to toxins in today's modern world can burden your body, resulting in a reduced ability to detoxify itself. Therefore, the premise of detox diets is to avoid certain foods temporarily, to help your body purify itself.

Foods Included

The MediClear diet is designed to last three weeks, during which time you eliminate toxic foods and foods that contain potential allergens, according to Thorne Research. The diet focuses on whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. It includes starches such as oats, quinoa, potatoes, and rice, as well as all nuts and seeds and most legumes. You can have fresh or frozen chicken, turkey, lamb, wild game and most fish. The MediClear program also includes healthy oils such as sunflower, flaxseed, safflower and walnut.

Foods to Avoid

The MediClear diet requires you to avoid processed foods, refined sugars, junk foods and unhealthy oils. You must also avoid potential allergens, such as soybeans and soy foods, corn, dairy, tomato and peanuts. The diet also excludes beef, pork, shellfish, tuna and processed meats. You must avoid gluten -- found in wheat, rye and barley -- on the MediClear program. Grapefruit can alter your body's detoxification enzyme, according to Thorne Research, so it is also excluded.

MediClear Supplement

The MediClear program includes a Thorne Research dietary supplement designed to be taken while following the diet. The MediClear supplement is a rice-and-pea protein powder and contains added vitamins and minerals. Thorne Research claims the MediClear supplement is designed to aid the detoxification process. It's crucial to consult your health care provider to determine whether the MediClear diet is a good option for you.