Calories Burned Rollerskating

Depending on the intensity of your skating, rollerskating can be a low or high calorie burner. Other factors include your age, sex, health status, muscle mass and fitness levels.


Your weight is a major influence on how many calories you burn. If two people do the same distance of skating at the same speed and on the same terrain, the person who weighs more burns more calories.


According to Fitness Magazine, a 150-lb. person burns 482 calories an hour by rollerskating using the traditional skate with two sets of two wheels side-by-side, but 827 calories per hour by inline skating. Data from skate manufacturer Rollerblade indicates that a 150-lb. person burns 600 calories per hour when inline skating. The difference in calories burned may be a function of the speed used to estimate the figure, or other factors not enumerated by the data providers.


The American Council on Exercise states that skating improves fitness levels, especially cardiovascular development, muscle strength and lung capacity 2. One hour on inline skates burns about as many calories as running while strengthening your leg muscles and connecting tissues. As a result, skating can improve your performance, fitness and calorie burning rate in other types of sports.