Is There a Weight Limit for the Wii Fit?

Wii Fit is an interactive fitness game for the Wii video game console 2. The game is designed to give you a workout in the comfort of your own home. Using the game's workouts, you can burn calories and work toward your weight-loss goal. But there are some weight limits that must be adhered to.

Balance Board Basics

The Wii Fit depends on a peripheral device called the Wii Balance Board 12. This device allows you to interface with the game system. You perform exercises while stepping onto and standing on the board. This allows the system to monitor your movements. The Wii Balance Board also includes a scale; this allows you to weigh yourself and to track your weight changes over time using the Wii Fit software 12.

Max Weight

Because Wii Fit depends on the Wii Balance Board, you're limited by the weight recommendations for this device 12. According to the Wii Balance Board operations manual, the Wii Balance Board has a maximum weight limit of 330 pounds, or 150 kilograms 1. The operations manual advises against using the Wii Balance Board if you exceed this limit 1. Do not jump on the Wii Balance Board, as this will increase the force exerted on it 1.

Weighing Objects

Wii Fit also allows you to weigh objects, such as your pets 2. To do this, first weigh yourself and then weigh yourself again while holding the object. The Wii Fit program then calculates the difference 2. According to the Wii Fit game manual, there is a lower weight limit for this feature; the manual states that objects must weigh at least 7 pounds to register properly 2. The maximum weight limit applies as well, meaning that your weight combined with the weight of the object cannot exceed 330 pounds.

Other Limits

The Wii Fit game manual advises users to check with a doctor before using the Wii Balance board if they have any one of a number of medical conditions 12. These include pregnancy, heart or respiratory conditions, high blood pressure, difficulty exercising or any condition for which a doctor has told you to limit your physical activity. According to the Wii Fit game manual, a small amount of users may experience seizures or blackouts due to the flashing light patterns produced by video games 2. Stop playing immediately if you experience convulsions, disorientation, eye twitching, loss of awareness or involuntary movements. And never begin this or any exercise regimen without first consulting your doctor.