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Weight Loss by Eating Certain Foods at Certain Times

By Nina Makofsky ; Updated July 18, 2017

According to the guide to weight loss basics, the only surefire way to lose weight involves taking in fewer calories than you burn. You need to reduce intake by 3500 calories to burn a single pound of fat. However, some medical experts attest to the fact that eating certain foods at certain times of day can help keep your blood sugar levels even, making you feel fuller and helping you lose weight.


The RealAge website's article "Six Meal Diversity Deal" further explains the notion of eating six small meals spaced evenly throughout the day rather than three large meals. If you eat smaller meals more frequently, you might eliminate the diet-busting habits of snacking on empty calories. Center these small meals around nutrient-dense, filling foods that feature high fiber, high protein, healthy unsaturated fat or a combination thereof to keep your energy levels high and your blood sugar and insulin levels in balance.

Expert Insight

Medical expert Dr. Mehmet Oz has created several food plans and challenges for people who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. His article "100 Weight Loss Tips" recommends starting the day with a cup of unsweetened oats mixed with fresh or dried fruit, which can stop you from snacking the afternoon away. Prepare emergency snacks of nuts, fresh fruit and cut vegetables ahead of time to provide a healthy option in the afternoon or evening. Drink skim milk at breakfast and sprinkle red pepper flakes on your food early in the day to help you eat less later in the day. Do not skip breakfast, but skip dinner once or twice a week if possible. Eat an apple prior to your meal to make you feel fuller.


Oz recommends eating certain foods an hour or so before working out to boost your energy levels and improve your energy level and endurance. Try consuming plain Greek yogurt mixed with frozen berries before exercising or, for a lower-calorie option, a watery fruit such as cantaloupe.


In an ABC News online article, Eric Noll outlines the advice of nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, who advocates how to optimize your energy and weight loss by timing your meals. For lunch on the run, eat an avocado rather than a protein bar. Feed kids almond butter, which stabilizes blood sugar, rather than peanut butter on sandwiches. Likewise, the high glycemic content of artificial sweeteners makes diet sodas a problem for people on diets, while the natural diuretic of watermelon flushes the system and makes a great late-afternoon or evening snack. If you must eat late at night, opt for alkaline foods that digest quickly, such as carrot or celery sticks rather than fruit.


Snyder explains that nutrient value alone does not determine the quality of your meals. Timing your meals means that you help your body digest food properly.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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