Diet Pop and Cellulite

Fact Checked

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Many foods, diet pop included; have been pointed out as a cause of cellulite. The truth is that cellulite isn't a special type of tissue or fat that diet pop can cause. Diet pop can impact the severity of your cellulite and slow down any weight loss efforts. Simply put, cellulite is regular fat that accumulates and pushes against structures beneath the skin.


Cellulite shows up as bumpy, uneven skin on almost any spot of your body. It can impact men, but it most commonly affects women. According to the American Council on Exercise, women have connective tissue beneath the skin that groups fat cells into honeycomb patterns. This enables fat cells to protrude upward easier and to create cellulite.


Diet pop appears to be an ideal drink for those who don't want to give up their beverage of choice while also being mindful of their diet. Many dieters reach for diet pop thinking that the reduced calories and sugar make it a healthy option. In reality, diet pop contains harmful ingredients and can hinder your weight loss efforts. According to Marcelle Pick of Women to Women, diet pop has caffeine, artificial sweeteners, sodium and phosphoric acid and it can cause you to gain weight.


It is common for people to think that certain foods, such as diet pop, create cellulite. Diet pop alone does not create cellulite, but it can make your cellulite more noticeable. According to Women's Healthcare Topics, foods with additives and added sugars, like diet pop, can make cellulite appear more pronounced.


Almost every woman has some amount of cellulite, but certain factors can increase your chances for developing it. Cellulite is a combination of genetics, weight, the amount of muscle tissue and how much body fat a person has. According to the MayoClinic website, genetics is the biggest risk factor for cellulite. They also say that stress, hormonal contraceptives and a sedentary lifestyle contribute to cellulite.


Cellulite can be treated through weight loss and medical procedures. According to the MayoClinic website, weight loss and laser and radiofrequency systems are the most effective ways to reduce cellulite. Removing excess calories, fat and sugar from your diet and engaging in daily exercise can lead to weight loss. The MayoClinic website says laser and radiofrequency systems use deep tissue massage in conjunction with infrared lights and laser energy.